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How to decide on laser metallic chopping machine?

XT laser-fiber laser chopping machine

There are millions of home producers of optical fiber laser chopping machines, and much more. So many laser chopping machine producers have manufacturers. How to decide on laser metallic chopping machine?What ought to we take note of when buying optical fiber laser chopping machines? The choice of laser chopping machine, particularly the fiber laser chopping machine, it’s essential to take a look at its software program system, in addition to its {hardware} services. The final {hardware} services embody its fiber laser and chopping head. Along with accumulating details about the enterprise’s model energy and fame on the Web, individuals exterior the business additionally have to have a deep understanding of varied elements and processing software data of a fiber laser chopping machine. Fiber laser chopping machines are costly, usually a whole bunch of hundreds of hundreds of thousands. There are various parts that must be understood through the buy of laser chopping machines. The next summarizes some choice strategies and strategies on your reference solely.

1、 Components to concentrate to when buying optical fiber laser chopping machine

A. Management software program

The management software program, also called the numerical management system, may also have an effect on the chopping accuracy of the optical fiber laser chopping machine. Usually, the optical fiber laser chopping machine produced by producers adopts the imported numerical management system, however some producers are growing CUT software program themselves, however it’s comparatively uncommon.

B. Fiber laser

The fiber laser is the core element of the fiber laser chopping machine, and likewise the “energy supply” of its chopping operation. The size of service life, chopping velocity and chopping high quality of a tool rely largely on the fiber laser. Frankly talking, the efficiency of overseas fiber lasers shouldn’t be one or two grades higher than that of home fiber lasers, particularly the high-power fiber lasers above 700W. The rationale why some producers of fiber laser chopping machines with the identical energy are costly is that they use internationally well-known fiber laser manufacturers comparable to SPI, IPG, rofin, and so forth. Many producers declare to make use of imported fiber lasers, however in reality, home lasers are used to switch the imported fiber lasers. The way to distinguish? Actually, it is extremely easy. Choose supplies of the identical thickness and go to 2 totally different producers for proofing, one among which have to be a big producer and an outdated model. Then choose the identical energy machine and examine the chopping velocity and chopping high quality.

C. Reducing head

The chopping head of laser chopping machine is a laser output gadget, which consists of nozzle, focusing lens and focusing monitoring system. The chopping head of the laser chopping machine will stroll in accordance with the set chopping path, however the peak of the laser chopping head must be adjusted and managed underneath totally different supplies, totally different thicknesses and totally different chopping strategies. The high-power optical fiber chopping machine produced by Guangzhou Aoling Clever adopts a chopping head with leapfrog operate, which may regulate its peak dynamically, which may be very handy.

D. Servo motor

Servo motor refers back to the engine that controls the operation of mechanical elements within the servo system. It’s a sort of auxiliary motor oblique velocity change gadget. It offers the facility for the operation of the fiber laser chopping machine, and likewise impacts the chopping accuracy. Within the servo system, the engine that controls the mechanical operation is a sort of auxiliary motor oblique transmission gadget. The gantry rack servo drive construction, coupled with high-quality servo motor, can successfully make sure the chopping accuracy, positioning velocity and repeated positioning accuracy of the laser chopping machine. The servo motor of high-power optical fiber laser chopping machine usually adopts the well-known Japanese motor model “Yaskawa Motor”. I consider that many buddies within the equipment manufacturing business are accustomed to the 100-year-old Yaskawa Motor. Due to this fact, the motor can also be an important element, and it’s essential to take note of it when buying.

E. Cooling gadget

The ability of the fiber laser machine is giant, and the warmth of the fiber laser is giant when it really works. As a way to make sure the service life, it’s obligatory to pick an expert matching cooling gadget. The water cooler is the cooling gadget of the laser chopping machine, which may rapidly and effectively cool the laser, spindle and different units. The present water chillers include the superior capabilities of enter and output management tools swap, cooling water stream, excessive and low temperature alarm, and the efficiency is extra steady, in order to make sure that the fiber laser chopping machine works underneath fixed temperature and delay the lifetime of the fiber laser.

F. Machine instrument construction

Machine instrument construction is a vital issue affecting the chopping accuracy, stability and sturdiness of the fiber laser chopping machine. The chopping accuracy of the fiber laser chopping machine will decline with the rise of the service time of the machine instrument. Machine put on and ageing of transmission construction elements are all the explanations for the decline in accuracy.

2、 Efficiency data to concentrate to when buying optical fiber laser chopping machine

To sum up, the efficiency of fiber laser chopping is nothing greater than three factors: how thick may be minimize, what number of blocks may be minimize, and the way good may be minimize?

Some producers declare that 2000W can minimize 12mm or extra thick carbon metal, which may be minimize and moved throughout precise chopping, and the chopping impact appears to be barely acceptable. However right here we must always take note of the issue that the machine has extreme efficiency and efficiency overdraft. Like an immature baby, if he’s allowed to do some bodily work for a very long time, it can trigger nice injury to his physique.

These are the issues that needs to be paid consideration to when choosing a laser chopping machine. To make sure the very best efficiency of a high-quality laser chopping machine, it’s essential to verify its {hardware} and software program services. Solely when the software program and {hardware} services are good are you able to select a great laser chopping machine!



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