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Technical comparability of CO2 and fiber laser marking machines

CO2 laser marking machines vs Fiber laser marking machine

Since we’ve bought an concept of what the 2 laser machines entail, let’s examine them so you may know which to decide on.

· Lasing medium

On the one hand, CO2 lasers use a lasing medium comprising carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen, and helium to supply the laser beams. Then again, fiber lasers use a doped fiber optic as a lasing medium to generate the laser beam. The diploma of energy of the laser beam relies on the coating course of, the power supply, and the way lengthy the optical fiber is.

· The extent of energy consumption

A CO2 laser can accomplish round 10-15% photoelectric power conversion. Thus, the price of operation of the marking machine will rise. As well as, CO2 lasers require a separate cooling machine to chill down the take a look at tubes, including to the increment in energy consumption.

A fiber laser can accomplish about 35-50% energy effectiveness. In consequence, a 100W fiber laser machine will solely require 200–250W of energy. Which means fiber lasers are extra environment friendly when in comparison with CO2 lasers.

· Wavelength

Their wavelengths are each within the infrared spectrum, which is invisible to the human eye.

CO2 lasers have a wavelength of about 10,600 nm. In consequence, they don’t seem to be advisable for marking extremely reflective steel supplies. Then again, fiber lasers have a shorter wavelength in comparison with CO2 lasers, which supplies them the power to mark several types of steel supplies.

· Marking speeds

CO2 lasers are typically sluggish as a result of their unfocused laser beams and lengthy wavelength. In consequence, they’ve the next energy consumption. As compared, fiber lasers are quicker as a result of their shorter wavelengths. Nonetheless, CO2 lasers are quicker in marking thicker supplies.

· System development

Most CO2 lasers use an advanced system of mirrors and lenses to focus the laser beams. Moreover, a CO2 take a look at tube can be considerably seen to the surface world. Then again, fiber lasers use optical fibers as their foremost help. Not like CO2 lasers, it transmits the laser beams extra environment friendly. Moreover, the optical fibers are well-sealed, stopping publicity to the outer setting.

· Lifespan

Regardless of how excellent the marking machine is, it is going to break down with time. Excessive-powered CO2 laser marking machines can survive for two years. Then again, fiber laser marking machines have a lifespan of three instances longer.

· Value of Funding

There’s a huge distinction within the funding wanted by CO2 and fiber lasers. CO2 lasers are cheaper than fiber lasers, however it is going to want CO2 laser tube as consumables.

Fiber Laser is not any consumables however machine value is a bit of greater than CO2 laser.

· Supplies they’ll work on

CO2 lasers can mark natural supplies like wooden, plastics, polyester movies, matte boards, and many others. Then again, fiber lasers can mark many supplies, most of that are metals corresponding to nickel, gold, and silver.



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